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  • Guide Strategiche   ( 7 Articles )

    Problemi nel capire le funzioni di una determinata espansione? Dovete scegliere quale espansione acquistare e siete indecisi perchè non sapete quale scegliere? Allora questa è la sezione per voi, trovate le guide strategiche alle espansioni del gioco.

  • Build mode   ( 2 Articles )
    Tips and tutorial about the build mode and how to build your own lots with a lot of nice stuff, as acquario-pool, underground garage, bridges, and so!
  • Misc utilities   ( 2 Articles )

    Some useful misc tutorial, for example how to export and share sims, how to build a cemetery, how to take screenshots... and much more!

  • Create with Bodyshop - Skinning   ( 1 Article )

    In this area you can find some tutorial about skinning, clothes, hair, and other bodyshop stuff creations.

  • Objects creation   ( 1 Article )

    Guide to objects creation, starting from walls and floor to new mesh

  • Useful software   ( 7 Articles )

    A list of some useful software with some tips about use.